Increase Your Job Security

Jinni Baba





"There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity." _____Douglas Macarthur

Fellow employees are falling like flies in the midst of a corporate downsizing. You love your job and want to make sure you'll keep it. Can you take out an insurance policy for job security?


- Choose a job in an occupation where rapid growth is projected in the coming years.

- Go to work for a smaller company. Financial adversity is less likely 10 trigger layoffs in a mom-and-pop shop than in a corporate behemoth.

- Become the best at what you do, and indispensable.

- Be seen as a team player who seeks to promote the company more than yourself. Be willing to move laterally as well as vertically to benefit the firm.

- Work for the unit in your company that contributes the most to the bottom line or is most vital to the company's mission.

- Make your unit more successful and therefore more vital to the company.

- Find out what's hot in your field and become an expert at it.

- Stay on top of new developments.

- Find out what's important to the CEO and become the most reliable supplier of it, Recommend cost-saving or income-producing measures.

- Work for a powerful and respected boss who is not likely to receive the largest staffing hits.

- Make your boss look. good—continually.

- Make no enemies. A scorned coworker might be in a position someday to engineer your demise.

- Be a good friend. A close colleague might be in the position to give higher-ups an opinion of your value to the firm.

Courtesy: Jinni Baba