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I am an eCommerce expert with a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering. I work for Staples, the world's largest office products retailer, based out of Seattle, WA.

Born to a family in Pakistan, I spent my childhood in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. I moved to Canada at the age of 23 to pursue advanced education, and since then I've lived and worked in Australia, Canada, the Middle East and the United States.

I strive for excellence for my company, myself and people close to me. Follow along with FM-360 if you want ideas on how to be a better person, achieve more professionally and help other people around you.

Iím a firm believer of life with no regrets. I give my all in everything I do. Even though I strive for excellence Iím told Iím one of the most patient people around. In leadership positions, Iíve found that patience and adaptability, and it has served me well.

I have a strong passion for commercial jetliners and always wanted to run my own airline. Maybe I will someday! Richard Branson was my childhood hero.

I push myself to operate outside my comfort zone to achieve bigger growth, and motivate everyone around me.


Follow along with FM-360 if you want ideas on how to be a better person, achieve more professionally and help others.

My Expertise:
- Enabling cross channel B2B2C eCommerce product management vision across web, mobile and stores.

- Building data science products for predictive selling, marketing, and sales innovation.

- Delivering real-time customer engagement products backed by business intelligence.

- Establishing cross channel Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs.

- Deploying self-service capabilities to take care of the end-to-end customer journey.

- Nurturing new partnerships with start-ups and industry leaders.

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- Take Charge

I talk about 'comfort zone' a lot in my blogs since I see it as the 'core' of understanding your own potential.

Everyone I meet mostly is living a stereotypical life. People complain to me about their relationship issues and slow advancements in the careers. I ask them what have you done to improve your situation, and they do not have any solid answers but the complaint about no excitement in life.

Talking of relationships a.k.a marriage, firstly they must accept that this is something they have signed-up for, and must make a certain level of compromise make it work. Love must prevail, but it eventually turns into a companionship. Life does get boring, you get tired of each other, take each other for granted (and that is normal) but yet you need to find ways to stay happy and do things that you have never done before. Everything and every situation have a solution but people try to bailout very early to avoid any confrontation and the following sequence of events leads to a disaster in their lives and promotes a flawed personality that impacts others around them and the people who come to their life at a later stage. Relationship life is all about making compromises, care, respect, and most importantly giving time to each other. If you are unsure, do not enter into one.

Similarly at work, you need to constantly learn, walk an extra mile and stay on top of your game to understand broader industry dynamics and opportunities for you to grow. You should never stay at a place where you feel unvalued, frustrated, and your learning and growth is barred. You must believe in yourself and take a risk to move on. The majority cannot get past it since they are fearful about the unknowns. This attitude would never get you closer to what you aspire. It is always a great idea to have a mentor(s) who could really help you define your career. Eventually, it is going to be your career but taking guidance from someone you trust could go a long way for your professional life.

If you want to stand-out in a throng, you must make yourself intrepid.

- Guy at SXSW 2016

I was listening to Guy Kawasaki from SXSW 2016 in Austin, TX, and few things Guy mentioned were right on the spot. I'm summarizing them here to not only share with you but to keep it for my own reminder:

Do whatever you want, do not care about people. Kill your fear of being judged. Best book that can change your life "If you want to write book' by Brenda Ueland. Don't take things personally. Deal with things and move on.

Evangelize good stuff only, don't evangelize crap. Stay professional and qualified on social media even if it is 'Snapchat'. Do not distinguish between personal and professional profiles. Each profile is your digital signature and your professional profile. Get up it's your brand.

Post good stuff online, and secure followers. Do effective content marketing. When you post anything on any social media, think about is it really good that people would share it?

Though any question could be good, always frame good questions.

Never position yourself as a generalist. You must have some specialist skills. Be good at one or two things.

Use enough graphics and videos in every social media content.

Build messages that you can communicate in 30 seconds or 140 characters.

You can start a career at 39 even. Women must think about it.

Virtual Reality, we have to see what future might look like.

KEY: Life is parallel and not serial. Do not wait to do things you want.

- Working for yourself

I was taught from day one that one should not try the things you have not done before because you will fail. Example, If you were born to a family where parents worked for the Government, you must always work for someone. If you'd try to do business, you will fail. WHY, I had no answers. Now I think I have some. This doctrine is a big dilemma in the developing countries.

It not only limits your creative and analytical ability but also pushes you to make wrong choices for your career and impacting the life potential you may have.

I have been working for many employers for the past 12 years and perhaps continue to do so for the years to come. Is it what I want? I think at times if I get past 60, what my outlook would be? Could it be that I'm retired, my skills are undervalued or obsolete, I do not grasp new technology entirely (like Snapchat for me these days!), and replaced by millennials and boomlets. Although I might be valued for my plethora of experiences, end game could be like Robert De Niro in the movie 'The Intern'.

Surely this is not the outcome I'd want for myself. Would you?

Working for someone can get you good finances to have a good retired life, and even that's not guaranteed until you worked for the right organizations to the absolute level of success.

This picture makes me think of pushing myself to put together a life framework to work for myself. Do something I want, and put a genuine effort to achieve it. Yes, I might fail, but that's life - you fail, you learn, you fail again until you become successful. These days we have burdened ourselves with quite a few overheads that none of us wants to do it since most of us get this clarity late in our lives. Therefore, time is to do it now when you are young!

I'd encourage each one of you reading is to give this serious thought. Step back from your day-to-day routine, and think about it. It, however, must be something you are passionate about and willing to work on it tirelessly and relentlessly - nothing comes easy.

Like they say 'if it were easy, everyone would do it.' Some might say my situation or finances doesn't allow but one should know that there is no perfect time, and there is never a perfect plan. A genuine small effort to do something meaningful will not only bring you closer to your purpose but gives you flexibility and independence for the years to come. Even if you fail, you would have no regrets and a rich perspective.

Building your empire and working for yourself is the way to go. Yes, it is a risk, but come on! Unless you try something how would you know. If you want it and clear about it and people are not supporting you, that's the way to go.

The action is better than inaction and some day is TODAY!

- Money? Life is now


We all want to grow. Make more money, fame, a better job, title, designer products, cars, and houses.

There is no limit to the money part of it. Did you ever ask, how much do I need?

I mentioned in my very first post about money being just a story. Piggybacking on that, yes you must seek decent money, but you need to find that reasonable number you are happy with and build a better plan for utilizing the rest of it.

Our needs are never going to end, as we get hold of more money we upgrade everything around us with physical products, and the story revolves and stays with things that doesn't carry much weight.

My philosophy of money is different and tells me to do the following:

Keep three months of an expense as a saving (you should believe in yourself to make some money if you lose a job!)

Give yourself a treat once in a while (you deserve it too!)

Use extra funds to learn a new skill (you have to invest in yourself, your return would be a lot higher!)

Travel (best thing you can do to learn otherwise and grow, take your kids and family along too. Let them see things sooner than later!)

Help people where you can (putting a smile on someone's face would make a lot happier!)

Above all, use money to take care of your family and loved ones (you need them to be happy now!)

I have planned my finances poorly until very recently. Always get an advice from your mentors to put a very firm plan on your financials. It will go a long way!

People plan unskillfully (like I did in the past), they not only waste money on the random purchases but keep on saving the rest of it for an unknown future. I do not believe in that.

I would encourage you not to let your NOW impacted by any means. NOW is what you can control, plan for spending your money wisely for today that makes you a better person and allows you to make others happy!
Stop worrying too much about the future.

Live and invest in the present moment, that's where life is happening!

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